Ignite Aotearoa

Flexible, online support to strengthen the wellbeing of people, so that whānau, workplaces and communities can thrive.

Ignite is committed to strengthening community wellbeing through using technology and novel approaches to provide wellbeing support, resources and education. Ignite Aotearoa is a wellbeing social enterprise, backed by the Emerge Aotearoa Group Trust.

Our kaupapa meets a vital need for mental-health and wellbeing offerings that are evidence-based, fast and easy to access, provide flexible options and cater to a range of budgets. Ignite’s solutions include education, a digital wellbeing platform, and specialised research and evaluation services.

The Ignite Wellbeing platform provides virtual talk-therapy, a digital wellbeing self-assessment tool for employees, and an expanded resource library. 

Addressing the challenges that currently exist within the mental health sector and improving access to services and support was a key recommendation in the He Ara Oranga, Mental Health and Addiction Inquiry. Ignite is one of Emerge Aotearoa Group’s responses to this. 

To find out more about Ignite Aotearoa visit www.ignite.org.nz 

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