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Photo of Alcohol & other Drug Services

Alcohol & other Drug Services

Emerge Aotearoa provides tailored and intensive treatment programmes to support clients in their immediate and long-term recovery from addiction and substance abuse.

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Photo of Child, Youth & Whānau Residential Service & Community Support Services

Child, Youth & Whānau Residential Service & Community Support Services

An estimated 1 in 5 teenagers and young people will experience some form of mental health issue during this formative period in their lives.

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Photo of Culturally Specific Services

Culturally Specific Services

Emerge Aotearoa provides a number of culturally specific services in order to assist clients on their recovery journey.  Our support workers come from a range of backgrounds and cultures, including Maori, Pacific Island, Asian and European and where possible, clients are matched with an age, gender and culturally compatible support worker.

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Photo of Day Programmes

Day Programmes

Emerge Aotearoa offers a range of activity and recovery-focused day programmes which help clients to develop greater life and living skills.

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Photo of Deaf Mental Health Services

Deaf Mental Health Services

Support people who have a mental health diagnosis and are deaf or hearing impaired. The service supports clients with a recovery focused approach to help them reach their goals. We offer services from Whangarei to Hamilton. 

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Photo of Employment Support

Employment Support

Emerge Aotearoa provides support services for clients with mental illness or disabilities to assist with the often difficult transition back into the workplace.

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Photo of Flexible Disability Support Service

Flexible Disability Support Service

Emerge Aotearoa’s Flexible Disability Support Service is an exciting new service! It provides young people leaving school who have received ORS funding with the opportunity to design their own service. This is done utilising your personal budget that has been approved through NASC.

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Photo of Housing


Social Housing Emerge Aotearoa provides good quality social housing that enable people and their whānau to fully participate within their community. Housing is provided to low income people who are eligible for social housing as determined by the Ministry of Social Development.   We provide housing income across Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

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Photo of Intellectual Disability Support Services

Intellectual Disability Support Services

Provide supports to people who have an intellectual disability. The services are designed to help clients learn new skills and participate meaningfully in the community.

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Photo of Mobile Community Support Services

Mobile Community Support Services

Emerge Aotearoa provides a range of community based services which offer flexible and mobile support for people who are living independently, but not necessarily alone, in their community.

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Photo of Multi Systemic Therapy

Multi Systemic Therapy


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Photo of Peer Support Services

Peer Support Services

Our peer support workers have themselves experienced mental illness and had experience using mental health services, offering a unique understanding of the challenges clients using our services may be facing.  The relationship between a client and their peer support worker can form a key pillar on their recovery journey.

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Photo of Primary Care Services

Primary Care Services

Physical and mental health are linked in more ways than many people realise. This means that taking care of one can often make the other much easier to handle.

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Photo of Residential Rehabilitation

Residential Rehabilitation

Emerge Aotearoa provides a number of residential rehabilitation options for clients who require 24-hour rehabilitative support. These services are provided in 'home-like' environments and are accessible to clients who are referred from Regional Rehabilitation Co-ordinators working for community mental health teams within various District Health Boards.

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Photo of Respite Care

Respite Care

It can be challenging when someone is experiencing a significant disability, especially if the disability means the person is affected in lots of areas. Many families support their loved ones at home, however, at times this can become overwhelming for all involved. So we offer respite care to provide some support.

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Photo of Supported Accommodation

Supported Accommodation

We provide clients with access to supported accommodation in the community, offering a range of both temporary and semi-permanent options.

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Photo of Whānau and Family Support

Whānau and Family Support

At Emerge Aotearoa our purpose is to ensure family/whānau feel supported, heard and listened to.  Emerge Aotearoa's Family and Whānau support services offer support to families who have a loved one facing a mental health challenge.

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