Alcohol & Other Drugs Services

Emerge Aotearoa provides individual treatment programmes that support people in their immediate and long-term recovery from an alcohol or other drug addiction.

We recognise that addictions are different for everyone. An alcohol or other drug addiction occurs when the substance takes over how someone functions. This is often accompanied by a physical and/or psychological dependence. It is a compulsion to use a substance or continue with certain behaviour no matter what, in order to feel good or to avoid feeling bad.

At Emerge Aotearoa, our qualified clinicians and peer support specialists work together to create and deliver programmes that cater to each person’s specific needs and recovery goals, in the safety of their own community. We work with people to understand the causes of their addiction and support them to make positive changes in their lives.

We also offer a specialist Dual Diagnosis service for clients that are affected by mental illness as well as alcohol or other drug issues.