Offender Rehabilitation

Emerge Aotearoa delivers offender rehabilitation services that are funded by the Department of Corrections. These services include the Improving Mental Health Service and the Supported Living Service.

Improving Mental Health Service
The Improving Mental Health Service provides brief intervention to people in prison or on probation who are experiencing mental health issues. The service is delivered through talk therapy. Clinicians also offer education to Corrections staff as part of this service. We have skilled Registered Mental Health Clinicians based in most prisons and some probation offices across the Northern and Central regions of Aotearoa (Northland to Turangi). 

All referrals to this service come from the Department of Corrections.

Supported Living Service
The Supported Living Service provides 10 beds across Auckland and Hamilton to support people being released from prison so they can be reintegrated into the community. Occasionally, people who have already been released from prison are able to access this support. The service focuses on people with mental health issues and/or cognitive impairment who want to live in Auckland or Hamilton. It is only available to people who have been sentenced.

Reintegration work focuses on finding accommodation, employment and/or training; accessing health services; developing links with community agencies; and supporting people to re-engage with their whānau. On leaving the Supported Living house, we provide less intensive support to people for a period of time, to help them get re-established in their community.

Navigation, where we help people to connect with a range of other services and community support, is also available. People must consent to engage in this service.

Referrals to Supported Living come from the Department of Corrections.