Respite Care

Photo of Respite Care

It can be challenging when someone is experiencing a significant disability, especially if the disability means the person is affected in lots of areas. Many families support their loved ones at home, however, at times this can become overwhelming for all involved. So we offer respite care to provide some support.

Respite care is the provision of community based, short-term, temporary care where the person experiencing the disability may come to stay. This means carers, family/whānau and the person who requires support are all able to have some time away.  

It is designed to provide short-term breaks, and we aim to ensure that the person attending has a positive, stimulating and worthwhile experience.

Emerge Aotearoa provides a number of facilities and options for respite, and those who identify as the person’s primary carer can apply for their stay.

Contact your nearest office below to ascertain if this service is available in your area.

For assistance please contact your nearest Emerge Aotearoa Office, Auckland (09) 265 0255, Wellington (04) 589 9442, Christchurch (03) 371 5599 or send an email.