The Generator

The Generator is delivered by Emerge Aotearoa and was set up to empower people, whānau and communities to help make their dreams a reality and develop financial independence. 
Offering start-up seed funding to turn bright ideas into successful, small business enterprises, The Generator provides a "hand up" to people who otherwise would not have the opportunity. To date, more than $2.3 million in seed funding has been distributed by The Generator to people around the country to build financial independence.
More than two-thirds of participants have transitioned or are transitioning from requiring government benefit support.

Once you've applied through The Generator's online platform, we will help connect you with your local community generator to start brainstorming ideas. From there they'll help you build your proposal, calculate costs and prepare a list of tasks to make the mahi happen. As you set to work bringing the project to life, your community generator will tick off the requirements as you go. When everything's complete, you receive your funding. 
Visit to learn more about the service and hear from the people we've helped.