Supported Accommodation

Photo of Supported Accommodation

We provide clients with access to supported accommodation in the community, offering a range of both temporary and semi-permanent options.

Alongside this, we also provide ACC Supported Living Services to those clients requiring assistance with daily living, including those affected by mental health issues, the elderly and dual disability clients.

This service assists people with tasks such as accessing community activities, social and recreational groups, parenting support, education and employment options, budgeting, and dealing with other agencies.

It is designed to deliver individualised programmes to encourage people to take responsibility for decisions affecting their lives and involves personal planning to meet needs and choices.

Contact your nearest office below to ascertain if this service is available in your area.

For assistance please contact your nearest Emerge Aotearoa Office, Auckland (09) 265 0255, Wellington (04) 589 9442, Christchurch (03) 371 5599 or send an email.