Our Values

Our values underpin all that we do and guide our decisions.

‘We’re Here for You’

Value 1. Connecting with a purpose/Whakawhanaunga

Emerge Aotearoa, and everybody who works with us, is here to help. We support people who use our services by taking time to get to know them.

We keep in touch. We listen. We find ways to make a positive difference. We embrace whānau. We share. 


‘It’s Cool to Care’

Value 2. Engaging with respect/Manaaki

We don’t judge. We accept and understand. We let everyone share their view. We treat others as we would like to be treated. We embrace diversity. We show others respect. 

‘Walk, Talk and Listen’

Value 3. Walking and learning together/Ako

Everybody, whether a colleague, person who uses our services, child or whānau, can teach us something. We show interest and support one another. We listen and look out for learning opportunities.




‘We do what we say’

Value 4. Acting with integrity/Whakamana

We work in ways that upholds the mana (prestige, authority, control, power, influence, status, spiritual power, charisma) of the people we work with. 

We do what we feel is right and mana enhancing, and are proud of our work and each other. We do what we say we’ll do.

Earned trust is a treasure and we strive to earn your trust.