Emerge Aotearoa Housing Trust

Emerge Aotearoa Housing Trust provides social housing and other housing programmes in many parts of New Zealand.

Emerge Aotearoa Housing Trust

Emerge Aotearoa Housing Trust provides social housing in many parts of New Zealand. This includes building and managing a growing property portfolio to provide safe, warm and dry homes.

Housing First

Emerge Aotearoa Housing Trust is proud to be a partner in Housing First in Christchurch and Wellington, which works with people who are experiencing long term homelessness.

The service moves people into appropriate housing and provides services to help them achieve their goals and address any challenges in their life, such as substance use or mental health. This approach recognises that it is easier for people to address the challenges they are experiencing if they have a secure home.

Social Housing  

Emerge Aotearoa Housing Trust offers quality social housing to families and individuals on a low income who cannot otherwise afford suitable accommodation. Our houses are located in the North and South Islands.     

We work closely with many community housing networks across the country, including the Auckland Community Housing Providers’ Network (ACHPN), the Wellington Community Housing Providers’ Network, Te Waipounamu Community Housing Providers Network and we are a member of Community Housing Aotearoa (CHA). Emerge Aotearoa is a partner in Housing First Christchurch, the Aro Mai Housing First Collaboration in Wellington, and Te Tahi Whare Ora, Housing First Hawkes Bay. 


Creating Positive Pathways

Creating Positive Pathways provides housing and support services to people leaving prison. It is available to people who have served a sentence of more than two years, or multiple sentences of less than two years.

It is currently being trialled by Emerge Aotearoa Housing Trust. The programme recognises that stable accommodation is a key contributor to positive reintegration outcomes. It aims to learn more about the impact of long-term public housing and support services on reducing reoffending. 

Often, people leaving prison face barriers securing a rental property due to the housing shortage, increasing costs, and discrimination. The trial will help to determine the key aspects of the service that support people to achieve better outcomes and help inform whether this service should be extended.

Support services provided through the Creating Positive Pathways trial build on the reintegration activities people experience while in prison. This is designed to reduce high-risk behaviours (which can lead to re-offending), improve quality of life, and enhance positive outcomes.

Participants work alongside a support worker who arranges for them to be housed in secure, long-term public housing for as long as they need - preferably as soon as they leave prison. The support worker also assists with the initial setup of the home; encourages independence; supports and advocates for financial assistance from the Ministry of Social Development; manages wrap-around-services; and assists in the management and upkeep of a long-term tenancy agreement.